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The best way to Beat Goblin Warden Problem in Conflict of Clans A information on Beating Goblin Warden Problem in Conflict of Clans

The newest season of Conflict of Clans, happening in June 2023, has launched a charming theme centred across the infamous greens. As a part of this season, gamers can take part within the Goblin Warden Problem, which follows the earlier Goblin Queen Problem and presents an intriguing base to overcome for a 3-star assault. To help avid gamers in reaching victory, we now have compiled efficient methods to beat this impediment.

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The Goblin Warden Problem entails a City Corridor 15 setup that includes a mixture of scattershots and monoliths on each side, three units of Inferno Towers positioned alongside the City Corridor, and the Clan Citadel positioned within the center and corners, respectively. At first look, the defence might not seem overly formidable, however the assault composition is solely ground-based, with the Warden performing as the only hero.

As with earlier challenges, gamers can count on the same rewarding sample, with extra assets and the chance to earn 400 XP, 25 gems, and 1 energy potion.

To defeat the Goblin Warden Problem in Conflict of Clans, it’s essential to plan a meticulous plan because of the base’s misleading nature, notably with City Corridor 15 positioned on the centre. Efficiently taking down each the city corridor and scattershots is of utmost significance to securing a three-star victory. Moreover, triggering the bottom’s traps is important. The next techniques define an efficient strategy to reaching success on this problem:

Step 1: Triggering the traps

The preliminary goal is to activate the traps. Utilise two sneaky goblins on the underside facet of the bottom the place the clan citadel is located. Place them in two completely different openings to provoke lure triggers. On the left and proper corners, deploy a hog every to activate traps and remove the hidden Tesla defences.

Returning to the Clan Citadel facet, make use of 4-5 sneaky goblins on one opening. As a substitute of scattering them, launch them carefully collectively. As soon as they enter the world, make use of an invisibility spell to hide solely the sneaky goblins and never the clan citadel. Make use of the identical methodology to focus on the city corridor. Efficiently executing this portion of the assault will mark the completion of step one.

Step 2: Concentrating on the Inferno Towers

Proceed to the highest facet of the bottom, the place the Inferno Towers are positioned. Start with the Warden Stroll and activate a Rage Spell as soon as the Inferno Towers have set their sights on the Warden. Make use of a poison spell to counter the skeletons triggered by the traps as they strategy the Warden. This could successfully remove the three defensive buildings. As soon as this section is achieved, it’s time to introduce the Hog Riders.

Warning is paramount throughout this step. Observe the course by which the Warden is transferring to make sure the Hog Riders are deployed accordingly. Set off the Warden’s means as soon as all of the Hog Riders are inside his vary, and subsequently launch the Headhunters. Upon clearing one facet, apply a therapeutic spell to the opposite facet to assist the hog riders. Lastly, unleash the wizards to totally eradicate any remaining defences throughout the base.

Conquering the Goblin Warden Problem in Conflict of Clans requires cautious planning and execution. The City Corridor 15 setup with scattershots and monoliths poses a big problem, however with the best technique, victory is attainable. Triggers play an important function, so utilise Sneaky Goblins to activate traps and hidden Teslas. Make use of an invisibility spell to guard the sneaky goblins, specializing in the clan citadel and city corridor takedowns. Proceed to handle the Inferno Towers with a Warden Stroll, supported by Hog Riders and Headhunters. Lastly, utilise therapeutic spells and wizards to remove the remaining defences. By following these techniques, success within the Goblin Warden Problem awaits you.