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Methods to Fill Soul Gems Skyrim

Gamers can get pleasure from an abundance of enchanting encounters in Bethesda Recreation Studios’ expansive and immersive fantasy realm, Skyrim. Making the best use of soul gems is an important a part of studying the arcane arts in Skyrim. The souls of vanquished creatures are captured and saved in these mysterious crystals, that are a vital useful resource for enchanted armour and weaponry. We will discover the nuances of filling soul gems in Skyrim on this article, enabling customers to maximise the efficiency of their magical prowess.

Understanding Soul Gems

It’s necessary to know the numerous sorts of soul gems which are accessible in Skyrim earlier than diving into the filling mechanisms. Soul gems are categorised in response to the energy of the souls they’re able to seize, and so they vary in measurement from Petty to Grand. Soul gems will also be crammed or empty; the latter comprises the essence of a captive creature.

Enchanting Instruments of the Commerce

Gamers should arm themselves with the required instruments earlier than they’ll begin filling soul gems. An enchanted weapon, additionally known as a soul lure weapon, is a prerequisite. When foes are defeated with this distinctive weapon, their souls are robotically captured and saved in an accessible soul gem. To start studying the way to fill soul gems, you should first get or enchant a weapon with the “Soul Lure” enchantment.

Getting Soul Lure Enchantments

There are a couple of methods to enchant weapons with the Soul Lure enchantment. Gamers have three choices for enchanting their weapons: utilising soul stones and the required enchantment perks, they’ll enchant their very own weapons at an arcane enchanter, or they’ll find pre-enchanted weapons strewn throughout Skyrim. The Soul Lure impact lasts longer the extra enchanting talent and perks are invested in, giving gamers extra time to complete off opponents and fill the soul gems.

Capturing Souls

Soul Lure weaponry equips gamers to go on soul-capturing excursions, permitting them to seize souls. When the participant makes use of the enchanted weapon to battle creatures and opponents, the vanquished adversaries’ souls might be robotically absorbed into the closest vacant soul gem within the participant’s stock. Do not forget that solely black soul stones are in a position to take up the souls of humanoids, which makes them a useful software for extra highly effective charms.

Optimising Soul Gem Filling Effectivity

Gamers ought to use the right-sized soul gem for the soul they’ve caught with the intention to maximise soul gem filling effectivity. It could be inefficient to make use of a Grand Soul Gem to accumulate the soul of a decrease creature, for instance. Have a large assortment of soul stones in several sizes so you should use them to enchant armour and weapons in opposition to quite a lot of enemy varieties.


In conclusion, every aspiring mage or enchantment aficionado ought to grow to be proficient at filling soul gems in Skyrim. Gamers can unleash the total energy of their magical talents by studying in regards to the totally different sorts of soul gems, getting the suitable enchantments, and gathering souls in a calculated method. Put together your self, brandish your enchanted weaponry, and set off into the fascinating realm of Skyrim, the place the facility of souls captured lies forward.