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How you can Get Glaceon in Pokemon Go

Trainers across the globe are enthralled with Pokémon GO resulting from its consistently rising assortment of critters which may be advanced and caught. The Ice-type Eeveelution often called Glaceon is one such evolution that has received over quite a lot of hearts. We’ll lead you thru each stage of getting Glaceon in Pokémon GO on this tutorial, so you may make positive this frosty powerhouse joins your squad.

Subheading 1: Get Eevee as Your Preliminary Useful resource

The adaptable Evolution Pokémon Eevee is a prerequisite for evolving into Glaceon. Hold a glance out for Eevee throughout occasions, within the wild, or as a prize for ending assignments associated to your analysis.

Subheading2: Get Glacial Lure Module Acquisition

You’ll want a singular merchandise referred to as the Glacial Lure Module to be able to evolve Eevee into Glaceon. With a purpose to attract Eevee and permit it to grow to be Glaceon, this particular lure is important. A Glacial Lure Module lasts for half-hour and may be acquired via in-game purchases or particular occasions.

Subheading 3: Glacial Lure Module Activation

It’s time to make use of the Glacial Lure Module after you’ve bought it in your stock. Navigate to a PokéStop and activate the Glacial Lure Module there. The PokéStop will turn out to be an icy sanctuary because of the lure, growing the chance of working into Ice-type Pokémon like Eevee.

Subheading 4: Find and Apprehend Eevee

As soon as the Glacial Lure Module is energetic, look ahead to Eevee spawns together with your close by radar. Eevee ought to indicate up close to the attracted PokéStop extra steadily. Take down as many Eevees as you possibly can till you find one with a excessive IV or the actual traits you need in a Glaceon.

Subheading 5: Get Prepared for Evolution with Eevee

It’s time to get an Eevee prepared for its transformation right into a Glaceon when you’ve caught one that matches your necessities. Guarantee that you’ve an ample quantity of Eevee candies, which may be acquired by capturing or shifting Eevee. For added comfort, take into consideration utilising a Razz Berry or Pinap Berry.

Subheading 6: Remodel Eevee into Glaceon

Upon getting the mandatory Eevee candies, faucet on the Eevee you have got chosen out of your Pokémon assortment. After deciding on the “Evolve” possibility, choose Glaceon to be your Eevee’s evolution. Confirm your choice, then observe as your Eevee modifications into the magnificent Glaceon, a Pokémon of the Ice variety.


In abstract, together with Glaceon into your Pokémon GO assortment is an exhilarating enterprise that calls for a mix of planning, supplies, and an applicable lure. You’ll be nicely in your option to gathering and evolving Eevee into the highly effective Glaceon, able to dominate gyms and raids with its frosty prowess, by following the strategies detailed on this article. Step exterior, activate your Glacial Lure Module, and begin your icy adventures!