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How To Save Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3 A information on Saving Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3

Embarking on heroic adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3 is each thrilling and difficult. One early alternative to be a savior unfolds by way of Mayrina’s predicament, an enticing questline positioned inside the Fetid Lavatory. This information will stroll you thru the method of saving Mayrina from the clutches of Auntie Ethel, providing easy steps to make sure her secure rescue.

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Discovering the Fetid Lavatory

As you begin your journey in Baldur’s Gate 3, a large number of secrets and techniques and quests await within the recreation’s first space. The first focus of this information lies inside the Fetid Lavatory and the hunt involving Mayrina. To provoke this quest, enterprise to the Fetid Lavatory and have interaction with Mayrina’s household, who’re determined to unveil her whereabouts by extracting data from Auntie Ethel.

Assembly Mayrina on the Riverside Teahouse

Your path to rescuing Mayrina begins on the Riverside Teahouse. There, you’ll discover Mayrina trapped underneath Auntie Ethel’s affect, who compels her to eat excessively. Informing Mayrina concerning the unlucky demise of her members of the family inside the Lavatory will lead her to interrupt free from Ethel’s management. Consequently, Auntie Ethel will teleport Mayrina away. Watch out for delving too deeply into questioning Auntie Ethel about Mayrina, as this will even immediate her teleportation. Choosing Ethel’s proposal to handle the Illithid Tadpole will yield the identical results of Mayrina’s teleportation.

Confrontation with Auntie Ethel and Rescuing Mayrina

If you happen to provoke Auntie Ethel, she is going to summon her Redcap allies, sparking a confrontation. Through the ensuing combat, Ethel will escape by way of a hid passage behind the hearth. After subduing the Redcaps, deactivate the hearth and entry Ethel’s hidden lair by way of the again passage. Alternatively, discovering the hidden passage triggers the battle routinely.

Inside Ethel’s Lair

Navigating Ethel’s lair requires overcoming obstacles. An animated door bars your approach ahead, however carrying one in all Ethel’s eerie wood masks reveals the door’s phantasm. Beware, although, because the masks may allow Ethel to manage you. Efficiently resisting this management through a Knowledge save (facilitated if you happen to’re a paladin with the “Oath of the Ancients”) lets you proceed. It’s also possible to persuade the door to information you thru, necessitating a persuasion or intimidation examine.

Progressing by way of Ethel’s Lair

Past the door, an open area awaits, and brainwashed thralls underneath Ethel’s affect will assault. It’s advisable to make use of non-lethal techniques right here on account of their compromised state. Be cautious to not take away their masks, which might consequence of their demise. Subsequent sections of Ethel’s lair are enveloped in toxic clouds, which could be momentarily dispersed by igniting them. Nevertheless, transferring by way of the flames is hazardous, and the gasoline reverts until you impede the vents. Profitable notion checks reveal these vents, which you’ll be able to block utilizing objects.

Rescuing Mayrina from Ethel’s Grasp

Upon navigating the toxic clouds, you’ll attain Mayrina’s location and confront Ethel to safe her launch. This battle with Ethel proves difficult, particularly at decrease ranges. Ethel’s illusions possess autonomous spellcasting talents, and she or he tends to immobilize your celebration with spells like maintain particular person. She inflicts injury utilizing ray of illness and debuffs your group.

On the battle’s onset, Ethel ignites Mayrina’s cage, compelling you to decrease it utilizing the management orb throughout the room. Distinguishing the true Ethel from illusions is feasible since solely the true one could be debuffed. Using Witchbolt helps observe her amidst the duplicates. Anticipate her try to modify locations with Mayrina, so mark her earlier than that time to keep away from endangering Mayrina inadvertently. As her well being diminishes, she may discount together with your celebration, providing energy in change for Mayrina’s retention. Passing an Intimidation examine coerces her to relinquish each energy and Mayrina. Alternatively, you possibly can get rid of her, supplied her well being is considerably low.

After liberating Mayrina, purchase the “Bitter Divorce” wand from the adjoining room. Find Mayrina exterior, near her husband’s tomb, and have interaction in dialog. The selection of utilizing or destroying the wand is yours, but both choice concludes the hunt, and Mayrina departs for Baldur’s Gate. It’s essential to notice that selecting to make use of the wand contradicts the “Oath of the Ancients,” so adherents of this oath ought to train warning.


Saving Mayrina in Baldur’s Gate 3 calls for strategic considering, fight prowess, and a coronary heart for heroism. By meticulously following these uncomplicated steps, even novice adventurers can efficiently navigate the perilous journey, liberate Mayrina from Auntie Ethel’s clutches, and bask within the satisfaction of finishing this fascinating quest.