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How To Remedy Vampirism in Skyrim A information on Curing Vampirism in Skyrim

Skyrim, the enduring western RPG, has captivated players worldwide with its wealthy open-world expertise and character customization choices. Among the many varied intriguing facets the sport affords, gamers can endure transformations like Lycanthropy or Vampirism, granting distinctive skills and challenges. Whereas being a vampire could seem fascinating at first, the constraints it imposes, equivalent to avoiding daylight and being shunned by NPCs, can dampen the expertise. Thus, many gamers search to find the elusive remedy for vampirism in Skyrim, and this text will information you thru the method whereas exploring the upsides and disadvantages of embracing this cursed existence.

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Earlier than Looking for a Remedy: The Upsides of Vampirism

Undeniably, being a vampire has its perks, notably for these specializing in Magicka or Stealth builds. The vampiric curse bestows enhanced energy upon those that grasp its phases, making them significantly stronger than abnormal residents. For role-players and newcomers, it is likely to be smart to keep away from vampirism initially. Nonetheless, making an attempt it out as soon as can present a recent and distinctive perspective for devoted Skyrim followers searching for a special playthrough.

Understanding the Levels and Stats of Vampirism

Vampirism progresses by means of 4 phases, every providing distinct advantages, drawbacks, and vampire-oriented spells. The affliction advances with every passing day with out feeding, culminating in Stage 4, the place the participant is feared and attacked on sight because of extreme bodily deterioration. The phases entail completely different resistances, weaknesses, spells, and passive skills, granting gamers a various array of vampiric powers.

Distinctive Spells and Talents

Vampires acquire entry to unique spells, together with Vampiric Drain, Vampire’s Servant, Vampire’s Sight, Vampire’s Seduction, and Embrace of Shadows, relying on their stage. These spells enable the absorption of well being from targets, the summoning of necromantic servants, improved evening imaginative and prescient, the flexibility to calm creatures, and even momentary invisibility.

Discovering the Remedy: A Step-by-Step Information

When the vampire life turns into too burdensome, searching for a remedy turns into a precedence. The method begins by conversing with the closest Innkeeper in Skyrim, who will provoke the “Rising at Daybreak” quest. If Inns are inaccessible because of the excessive degree of vampirism, Dawnguard members supply an alternate path to discover ways to remedy vampirism in Skyrim.

Finding Falion in Morthal

Falion, a educated Redguard Mage residing in Morthal, serves as an skilled in curing vampirism. The participant should purchase a Black Soul Gem and have it crammed with a Grand Soul from a big, sentient creature or buy one from Falion himself. The stuffed Black Soul Gem is crucial for the ritual.

Finishing Falion’s Ritual

Falion leads the participant to the Summoning Stones, situated northwest of Morthal on a river delta. Standing within the Summoning Stones, the participant undergoes the ritual that successfully cures the vampiric curse. This course of will be repeated a number of instances if gamers ever resolve to revert to vampirism sooner or later.

An Various Resolution: Console Instructions

For many who choose a fast and hassle-free methodology, utilizing console instructions is an choice. Typing “showracemenu” within the console immediately restores the character’s default standing, eradicating all ailments, together with vampirism, in addition to poisons and everlasting debuffs.

Contemplating Lycanthropy: Changing into a Werewolf

One other approach to remedy vampirism in Skyrim is by embracing Lycanthropy, which is called changing into a Werewolf. This transformation will be achieved by talking with Aela the Huntress of the Companions. Whereas being a Werewolf comes with its personal set of drawbacks, equivalent to the lack to obtain sleeping bonuses and the lack of gear when shape-shifted, it offers immunity to illness and permits gamers to roam freely throughout the day.


In Skyrim, the choice to embrace vampirism or search a remedy is a matter of non-public choice and playstyle. Whereas being a vampire unlocks distinctive spells and skills, the constraints and weaknesses related to the situation might immediate gamers to pursue the remedy. Following the steps to remedy vampirism, gamers can restore their character to a mortal state and discover the huge world of Skyrim with out the burdens of the vampiric curse. Whether or not as a mortal or a Werewolf, the Dragonborn’s journey on the planet of Skyrim continues, providing numerous adventures and prospects.