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How To Remedy Moldy Deaths Puzzle Star Wars Jedi: Survivor A information on Fixing Moldy Deaths Puzzle Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes gamers on an exciting journey with Cal Kestis, a Jedi Knight exploring the galaxy. The sport presents challenges, and one difficult half is navigating the Moldy Depths. This information is right here that can assist you conquer the Moldy Depths puzzle and proceed your journey.

Credit – Wccftech

Discovering the Moldy Depths

Attending to the Moldy Depths could be a bit difficult, however concern not! Begin from the entrance entrance of Pyloon’s Saloon and head left in direction of the Untamed Downs. Cross the stream and take a left flip, hugging the wall till you end up within the Harvest Ridge. Right here lies the doorway to the Moldy Depths. You may encounter two NPCs by the yellow gate, so work together with them to finish the Discover the Musician and their Droid Rumor aspect quests.

Now, to entry the Moldy Depths, it is advisable to take care of a Bogling standing on a tool in entrance of the yellow gate. Work together with it, and as soon as it strikes, use your Drive Pull on the machine to open the gate. Congratulations! You’re in your approach to fixing the Moldy Depths puzzle.

Opening the Door within the Moldy Depths

As you enterprise contained in the cave, navigate via a gap within the again wall and luxuriate in a water slide that leads you to the Moldy Depths. To open the door inside, use your Drive Pull on the machine to the precise. However right here’s the catch—when you cease utilizing the Drive, the door will shut.

Now, don’t get too caught up with the door simply but. Head again to the tip of the waterslide and go to the opposite aspect of the cave. Bounce all the way down to a decrease stage, the place you’ll encounter a Nekko and three Gorgers. Behind the Nekko, on a ledge within the nook, you’ll uncover a Priorite Shard.

Mount the Nekko and experience it via the door on the precise. You’ll find yourself on the other aspect of the door you tried to open earlier. Dismount and backtrack to the opposite aspect, then use your Drive Pull on the machine to open the door for the Nekko.

Keep in mind, the door within the Moldy Depths doesn’t want to remain open perpetually. It’s a short-term answer for the Nekko to move via.

Thoughts Methods and Climbing Partitions

To proceed, you’ll want to make use of a Thoughts Trick on the Nekko to convey it in direction of you. As soon as it’s shut, mount the creature and experience in direction of the yellow construction throughout from the water slide. Leap from the Nekko to achieve a climbable wall. Make the most of the 2 climbable partitions on high of the construction to climb to the vines above.

Now, you’re virtually there! Use the vines to depart the Moldy Depths and proceed your journey with Cal Kestis.

In abstract, the Moldy Depths puzzle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may appear difficult, however with the precise strikes and a little bit of Jedi finesse, you’ll conquer it very quickly. So, gear up, fellow Jedi, and will the Drive be with you in your journey via the Moldy Depths!