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How To Get the Enigma Handgun in Remnant 2 A information on Getting the Enigma Handgun in Remnant 2

Welcome to the ever-changing and mysterious worlds of Gunfire Video games’ Remnant 2, the place secrets and techniques and treasures abound, ready to be found by intrepid gamers. Amongst these coveted gadgets lies the Enigma Handgun, a potent secondary weapon able to unleashing lightning projectiles with chain injury. Acquiring this highly effective firearm early within the recreation can present gamers with a major benefit in opposition to the myriad of beasts and enemies they encounter. If you happen to want to harness the formidable energy of the Enigma Handgun and kickstart your Remnant 2 marketing campaign, learn on to discover ways to discover this electrifying weapon.

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Understanding the Enigma Handgun’s Energy

The Enigma Handgun is a singular stone firearm, proficient in firing lightning projectiles that exhibit chain injury between enemies. The important thing to its effectiveness lies in its capability to leap from one foe to a different inside a variety of seven.9 meters, dealing a 30% injury discount to every subsequent goal. Moreover, it comes geared up with a strong mod referred to as Chaos Driver, which launches electrified rods that tether to different rods inside a 10-meter radius. This makes it notably devastating in opposition to clusters of lesser enemies, permitting gamers to swiftly filter out crowds with ease.

Discovering the Cipher Rod within the Labyrinth

To amass the Enigma Handgun, gamers should first receive the Cipher Rod, an important part liable for the firearm’s distinctive stone physique. Venturing into the Labyrinth is step one on this journey, which turns into accessible after gamers have conquered their first world boss.

Finding the Cipher Rod may appear daunting, because it requires exploring the intricacies of the Labyrinth and unlocking varied closed doorways. As soon as gamers overcome a few of the challenges inside this enigmatic realm, the Cipher Rod turns into extra accessible. Nevertheless, one should perceive that the portal resulting in it cycles by way of varied areas on the map, emphasizing the significance of excellent timing.

To establish the proper portal, observe its look; it’ll principally seem clean with solely a stone platform and motion traces seen. Watch out for complicated it with a similar-looking portal adorned with floating stones, as it might result in your premature demise. When the proper portal manifests, depend to 3 and leap by way of it. Initially, it might appear to be a dangerous descent, however concern not, for a stone platform will materialize to catch your character.

Upon safely reaching the stone platform, brace your self to confront two elite stone enemies. Defeat these formidable adversaries, and your perseverance shall be rewarded when the Cipher Rod materializes on the alternative finish of the sq., nestled beneath a statue.

Buying the Enigma Handgun from McCabe’s Store

When you possess the coveted Cipher Rod, the journey to acquire the Enigma Handgun is almost full. Head over to McCabe’s store, situated in Ward 13, the place the enigmatic shopkeeper awaits together with her assortment of distinctive wares. Discover McCabe behind the warehouse, adjoining to the capturing vary and Rigs, who runs the weapon improve store.

To buy the Enigma Handgun, you’ll needn’t solely the Cipher Rod but additionally seven Lumenite Crystals, which elite enemies drop throughout battles, and 1,000 Scrap, a typical forex discovered scattered all through the sport. Gathering these sources would possibly show difficult, however the rewards of wielding the Enigma Handgun will undoubtedly make it worthwhile.

Furthermore, acquiring the Enigma Handgun by way of McCabe’s store is a major achievement that grants gamers the “Boss’n Up” trophy/achievement for crafting a Boss Weapon. This accomplishment provides to your sense of accomplishment and stands as a testomony to your prowess as a Remnant 2 adventurer.


Within the enigmatic and ever-changing world of Remnant 2, securing highly effective gear just like the Enigma Handgun can significantly improve a participant’s journey. Armed with the data of how one can receive the Cipher Rod within the Labyrinth and the required sources, gamers can add the formidable Enigma Handgun to their arsenal. Embrace the challenges, grasp the timing, and seize this lightning-wielding firearm to realize a definite benefit in opposition to the formidable foes that await. Might the lightning’s energy information you in your quest by way of Remnant 2, and should your legend as a talented gunslinger develop with every electrifying shot. Good luck, courageous adventurer!