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How To Get Owlbear Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3 A information on Getting Owlbear Cub in Baldur’s Gate 3

Within the mystical realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, a fascinating alternative awaits courageous adventurers: the prospect to foster your personal owlbear cub inside your encampment. These extraordinary creatures, with their distinctive mix of bear and owl options, have captured the hearts of many. Whereas securing an owlbear cub calls for each endurance and energy, the rewards of getting this enigmatic companion by your facet are undeniably worthwhile.

Credit – EscapistMag

The Origins of Owlbears in Dungeons & Dragons

Stepping again into the annals of Dungeons & Dragons historical past, we discover the origins of owlbears, creatures that marvellously amalgamate the attributes of bears and owls. These fantastical beings first emerged inside the supplementary rulebook of Greyhawk. In Baldur’s Gate 3, these once-feared creatures not have to be dreaded, as gamers can now purchase their very personal owlbear cub to inhabit their camp.

Finding the Owlbear Nest

The preliminary step on this extraordinary journey entails discovering the owlbear nest. This nest is hid inside a cave located between the Druid Grove and the Blighted Village. Venturing northward from the bridge, close to the neighborhood of Scratch the canine, you’ll come upon this cave. Upon nearing the doorway, a cutscene will unfold, presenting you with a number of selections. You may both analyze the owlbear’s habits by way of Animal Dealing with, cautiously withdraw by passing a Survival test, show dominance through a Efficiency test, and even resort to aggression.

Efficiently navigating the Animal Dealing with test unveils the presence of the owlbear cub, guarded carefully by its mother or father. Subsequent actions embody cautiously extending your palms to show harmlessness, approaching the cub, retreating slowly, or partaking in fight. Beware, as any failed checks or hostile habits will set off an aggressive response from the owlbear, endangering each you and your social gathering. Until such confrontations come up, the owlbear permits your exit from the cave.

For these gifted with the flexibility to converse with animals, partaking the owlbear in dialogue is believable. Nevertheless, the outcomes stay largely unchanged. It’s important to notice that initiating a battle is inevitable do you have to method the owlbear with out warning.

Encountering the Owlbear Cub within the Goblin Camp

Do you have to determine to withdraw from the cave peacefully, leaving the owlbear and its cub unhurt, you’ll later encounter the cub anew inside the Goblin Camp. This camp is positioned west of the Druid Grove and Blighted Village. The cub will be situated close to the camp’s entrance, encircled by goblins. Interacting with the cub initiates a dialogue with Krolla, a goblin who introduces a peculiar sport referred to as Hen-Chasing.

Whereas Krolla elaborates on the principles, her consideration ultimately shifts to “that halfwit wailin’,” referencing Volo the Bard, captive on a pedestal inside the camp. Following this change, you may revisit Krolla for extra details about Hen-Chasing. Participating with the owlbear cub presents the potential of passing two Animal Dealing with checks. Nevertheless, the cub insists in your dealing with of the goblin scenario earlier than contemplating your invitation.

Guiding the Owlbear to Your Camp

To combine the owlbear cub into your camp, you’ve three distinct paths to select from:

  1. Denouncing Hen-Chasing: Rejecting the merciless sport is the quickest method. Inform Krolla of your lack of ability to recall the principles and specific your aversion to the sport’s brutality. You may then converse along with her as soon as extra to verify the owlbear cub’s inclusion.
  2. Taking part in Hen-Chasing: Embrace the problem and have interaction within the sport for an opportunity at extra gold.
  3. Eliminating the Goblins: By vanquishing the goblins close to the cub, the owlbear will acknowledge your scent and willingly accompany you.

For the swiftest decision, using your Illithid skills through the dialog with Krolla is suggested. This convinces her that you simply’re a True Soul, prompting her to present you the owlbear cub. Alternatively, partaking in Hen-Chasing or confronting the goblins offers additional avenues to safe the owlbear cub’s companionship.

No matter your chosen path, the owlbear cub will ultimately materialize at your camp just a few nights later. In situations the place rapid arrival is delayed, advancing the storyline is really useful. As soon as the cub joins your camp, common interactions develop into potential. You may pet the cub, interact in dialog in the event you possess the flexibility to Converse With Animals, and even take pleasure in a scene the place you concurrently pet the owlbear cub and Scratch, incomes the “You Have Two Arms For A Cause” achievement.

Within the intricate tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3, the journey to attaining an owlbear cub is a mix of exploration, interplay, and strategic decision-making. Because the cub turns into an integral a part of your camp, you’ll discover each a fearsome ally and an lovely companion, a relentless reminder of the fascinating adventures that unfold inside this fantastical realm.