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How To Get Aeterna Sword in Star Ocean: The Second Story R A information on Getting Aeterna Sword in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

In Star Ocean: The Second Story R, mastering the artwork of crafting can lead gamers to wield the mighty Aeterna Sword, a weapon that surpasses even the formidable Sword of Marvels. Crafting this final weapon includes a sequence of steps, from taking part within the Armory Contest to honing Claude’s customization expertise. Let’s dive into the method and unleash the facility of the Aeterna Sword.

Credit – Gematsu

Earlier than embarking on the journey to forge the Aeterna Sword, gamers should information Claude by the thrilling Armory Contest. This gladiatorial occasion unfolds in Laucer Metropolis and performs an important function within the sport’s foremost quest. To pave the way in which for fulfillment, guarantee Claude reaches the ultimate stage and faces off in opposition to Dias to accumulate the Lethal Edge.

After the extreme duel, a go to to the legendary blacksmith Gamgee awaits. Situated atop the western hill of Laucer Metropolis, Gamgee shares a dialog with Claude, revealing Dias’ admiration and request for a customized weapon. As a token of this request, Gamgee entrusts Claude with the Lethal Edge, setting the stage for the Aeterna Sword’s creation.

Strengthening Customization Abilities

To realize a flawless crafting expertise, it’s crucial to boost Claude’s Customization specialty expertise. The important thing lies in reaching degree 10 in three essential areas: Aesthetic Design, Smithing, and Eye for Element. Entry the Camp menu, select “Enhance,” and navigate to IC/Specialty Abilities. Allocate talent factors to succeed in degree 10 in every class, making certain Claude’s prowess in crafting reaches its peak.

Whereas degree 10 could appear to be greater than essential, it acts as a security internet, growing the chance of crafting the Aeterna Sword with no hitch. With these enhanced expertise, Claude is healthier geared up to undertake the crafting course of.

Buying Mythril Rewards

Mythril, a prized useful resource for crafting top-tier weapons, turns into important within the quest for the Aeterna Sword. A profitable technique to amass Mythril includes finishing the Problem Mission named “Attain Customization Lv. 10.” Upon reaching this milestone, the get together receives a bounty of 5 Meteorites and 5 Mithrils.

Furthermore, gamers can additional increase their Mythril stockpile by leveling up a personality’s Blacksmith talent to degree 10 and redeeming the related Problem Mission for an extra three Mithrils. To embark on the Aeterna Sword crafting journey, guarantee Claude has a minimal of two Mithrils in his stock.

Crafting the Blade of Minos

Armed with the Lethal Edge and the required Mithril, gamers ought to train warning and save their progress earlier than making an attempt to craft the Blade of Minos. Though Claude’s Customization expertise at degree 10 reduce the chance, a security internet by no means hurts.

Navigate to the Camp menu, choose IC/Specialty, after which select Customization. Spotlight Claude and designate the Lethal Edge as the first consumable merchandise. Observe this by deciding on Mithril and confirming the implementation of IC. Witness Claude masterfully crafting the Blade of Minos, an important precursor to the Aeterna Sword.

Forging the Aeterna Sword

The ultimate stretch of the journey includes combining the Blade of Minos with additional Mithril to forge the Aeterna Sword. Return to Customization from the IC/Specialty menu, choose Claude, select the Blade of Minos because the preliminary merchandise, after which add Mithril to the combo. Affirm the implementation of IC, and behold the creation of the Aeterna Sword.

With this legendary weapon in hand, Claude good points the flexibility to effortlessly conquer even the fiercest adversaries in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. The Aeterna Sword stands as a testomony to the mastery of the sport’s intricate crafting system, providing gamers a strong device to form the future of their in-game journey.

The trail to the Aeterna Sword is paved with challenges, victories, and strategic crafting. By following these steps, gamers can unlock the total potential of Claude and wield a weapon that transcends the bizarre, bringing glory to their Star Ocean journey. Could your blades be sharp, and your adventures legendary!