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How To Farm Iron in Starfield A information on Farming Iron in Starfield

Within the huge universe of Starfield, the component iron performs a vital function in establishing and modifying constructions like Outposts and ships. Should you’re new to the sport and questioning tips on how to farm this beneficial useful resource, you’re in the suitable place. We’ve simplified the method into 4 easy-to-understand strategies that even a young person can grasp. By the tip of this information, you’ll be effectively in your technique to amassing a considerable quantity of iron on your Starfield adventures.

Credit – Hardcoregamer

Destroying Asteroids

One of the vital well-known methods to collect iron in Starfield is by visiting planets and destroying the asteroids that orbit them. These celestial rocks can yield iron together with different beneficial supplies. It’s essential to notice that the bigger the asteroid, the extra iron you’ll receive.

One of many prime spots for asteroid mining is the Moon of Navaha, referred to as Hardpoint, throughout the Cheyenne System. Nevertheless, not all asteroids yield iron; some could reward you with water or carboxylic acids. You may even encounter these non-iron asteroids close to an iron-rich planet. For example, the Moon of Danra, known as Podius, throughout the Narion System, is a planet that accommodates iron, however its surrounding asteroids are brimming with water.

Visiting Iron-Wealthy Planets

Should you favor a extra planet-based strategy to collect iron, hop into your Cutter and use your navigation abilities to find iron-rich planets. To establish whether or not a planet accommodates iron or not, scan it, and the obtainable sources shall be displayed with their chemical symbols. Within the case of iron, its chemical image is Fe, so any planet that includes this image may have iron.

Remember the fact that the abundance of iron can differ from planet to planet. Gamers can gauge the iron content material of every planet utilizing the color-coded useful resource scan. Right here’s a listing of some planets recognized for his or her iron content material:

  • Within the Sol System: Luna (Moon of Earth), Callisto (Moon of Jupiter), Io (Moon of Jupiter)
  • Within the Narion System: Kreet (Moon of Anselon), Andraphon (Moon of Sumati), Podius (Moon of Danra)
  • Within the Cheyenne System: Burran, Codos (Moon of Akila), Belwah (Moon of Navaha), Hardpoint (Moon of Navaha), Cragg (Moon of Fenn)

Luna and Callisto are glorious selections since iron might be discovered abundantly whereas exploring these moons.

Constructing an Extractor

Earlier than diving into extractor development in Starfield, it’s essential to pick out a planet wealthy in iron. Journey to one of many iron-rich planets talked about earlier and activate your scanner whereas exploring. Once you strategy an space teeming with iron, it can stand out in a special colour on the scanner.

On this iron-rich zone, set up an outpost and set up an extractor. Bear in mind, extracting iron requires an influence supply. Be sure that to put a photo voltaic array, wind turbine, or fueled generator to make sure a gentle energy provide on your extractor.

Buying Iron from Retailers

For a extra easy strategy to farming iron, search out retailers scattered throughout the Starfield methods. Your first encounters with iron retailers will probably occur inside New Atlantis. Moreover, iron distributors might be present in Neon, Akila Metropolis, and Cydonia. Maintain a watch out for buying and selling ships in particular methods that supply varied supplies, together with iron.

A intelligent technique to amass iron with minimal effort is to find a service provider and buy all obtainable iron. Then, periodically return to the store to replenish your iron provide. This methodology permits you to preserve a gentle movement of this beneficial useful resource, guaranteeing you by no means run out if you want it most.


Gathering iron in Starfield is important on your journey by the galaxy. With these easy strategies – destroying asteroids, visiting iron-rich planets, constructing extractors, and buying iron from retailers – you’ll don’t have any hassle amassing the iron you want on your adventures. Bear in mind, mastering these methods early within the sport will set you up for fulfillment in the long term. So, equip your Cutter, embark in your interstellar adventures, and begin farming iron like a professional in Starfield.