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How To Defeat The Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp in Lies of P A information on Defeating The Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp in Lies of P

On the earth of Lies of P, gamers encounter a mess of challenges and foes as they navigate the town of Krat. Amongst these adversaries lies the formidable Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp, a menacing puppet boss that poses a major problem. Defeating this supposed “hardest boss of the sport” does requires some cautious planning and execution. On this information, we are going to stroll you thru the steps to beat the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp, making certain a victorious battle.

Credit – LiesofPIGN

Understanding the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp

Earlier than delving into battle techniques, let’s get acquainted with the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp. This distinctive puppet boss stands out from the remaining attributable to its distinctive toughness. In comparison with different bosses in Lies of P, the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp is notably harder. Thus, gamers must strategy this encounter with warning and a well-thought-out technique.

Listed here are some important steps to observe earlier than partaking in battle:

  1. Improve Your Weapon: Be sure that your weapon is upgraded to its most potential. A robust weapon is your first line of protection in opposition to the Inexperienced Monster’s onslaught.
  2. Carry a Friendship Wishstone: This invaluable merchandise will show invaluable in extending your puppet’s lifespan through the battle.
  3. Add an Attribute Purification Ampoule to the Belt: Equipping this merchandise in your character’s belt will present a bonus by purifying the environment.
  4. Equip the Flame/Electrical Blitz Grindstone: Improve your weapon’s effectiveness by equipping both a Flame Grindstone or an Electrical Blitz Grindstone. This selection can considerably influence the result of the battle.

The Battle Phases

The battle in opposition to the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp unfolds in two distinct phases, with the second section being significantly tougher. Let’s break down every section and the methods required to defeat the monster:

Section One: Within the preliminary stage of the battle, the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp seems in its pure kind. When there’s a ways between you and the monster, it could execute two sorts of assaults:

  1. Dig Assault: The monster digs by means of the bottom and approaches you. To evade this transfer, roll away simply earlier than the monster resurfaces.
  2. Fury Assault: The Inexperienced Monster rushes in direction of you in a fury. The perfect plan of action is to retreat backward to keep away from getting hit.

For those who get too shut, the Inexperienced Monster will spit a dangerous substance that induces decay. Moreover, the tentacle-like extensions on its physique can seize P, and any hit suffered will increase the decay bar. The monster additionally employs limb assaults, that are comparatively simple to dodge. When you have summoned a specter, try and place it behind the Inexperienced Monster and launch a steady assault. When you efficiently full section one, the monster retrieves a discarded puppet and assimilates it into its physique.

Section Two: Within the second section, the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp transforms right into a quicker and extra harmful kind. It has the next skills:

  1. Charging Assault: The monster costs at you, probably performing this transfer thrice in succession. The ultimate cost concludes with a aspect leap, constituting a Fury Assault.
  2. Soar Assault: The monster leaps into the air, aiming to crush you. It jumps thrice, with the final leap additionally being a Fury Assault. Train warning throughout this maneuver.

Ought to your specter survive this onslaught, make use of a Friendship Wishstone to increase its lifespan. Keep away from approaching the Inexperienced Monster from the entrance, as its close-range assaults can inflict decay and substantial bodily harm. In each phases, restrict your assaults to preserve stamina, and be able to retreat when needed. Using a Flame Grindstone or Electrical Blitz Grindstone can drastically improve your probabilities of victory on this intense battle.

Victory Rewards

After getting efficiently defeated the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp, you’ll obtain invaluable rewards in your efforts:

  1. Puppet-Devouring Inexperienced Hunter’s Ergo: This distinctive boss-item is your effectively earned prize for overcoming the difficult battle.
  2. Golden Ergo: One other coveted reward awaits you, the Golden Ergo, a testomony to your prowess in Lies of P.


Conquering the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp in Lies of P isn’t any simple feat, however with the proper technique and preparation, victory is inside your grasp. Keep in mind to improve your weapon, carry a Friendship Wishstone, equip an Attribute Purification Ampoule, and select the suitable Grindstone in your weapon. Grasp the techniques for each phases of the battle, and also you’ll emerge triumphant, reaping the rewards of your hard-fought victory. So gear up, puppeteer, and put together to face the Inexperienced Monster of the Swamp with confidence!