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How To Defeat Laxasia, The Full in Lies of P A information on Defeat Laxasia, The Full in Lies of P

Laxasia, The Full, is a formidable foe within the recreation Lies of P. On this difficult Soulslike recreation, defeating highly effective bosses and enemies isn’t any straightforward job. You’ll must improve your weapons, be taught new abilities, and most significantly, develop your abilities as a participant to beat these formidable adversaries. On this information, we’ll stroll you thru the steps to defeat Laxasia, The Full, in Lies of P, utilizing easy language that anybody can perceive.

Credit – IGN

Earlier than we dive into the methods for defeating Laxasia, it’s important to know what you’re up towards. Laxasia is a tricky opponent, and this battle is split into two phases. Within the first part, she’s closely armored and wields an enormous sword. Within the second part, she turns into much more harmful, utilizing lightning assaults.

Part 1

In the course of the first part of the battle, consider Laxasia as a large, closely armored risk that it’s best to have interaction cautiously. She will be able to cowl a big distance along with her big sword and catch you off guard in case you’re not cautious. That will help you throughout this part, you’ll be able to summon a Specter utilizing a Star Fragment, which might function a helpful distraction, providing you with extra alternatives to assault.

Listed here are some issues to be careful for throughout Part 1:

  1. Leap Assault: Laxasia will dash and leap into the air to smash down. Timing your guard accurately will will let you stagger her.
  2. Sword Combo: She could provoke a gradual, three-hit combo along with her sword. It is best to both guard successfully or transfer away to chip away at her well being with throwable objects.
  3. Lightning Cost: If her sword begins charging with lightning, she’s going to dash towards you and swing up, leaving swimming pools of electrical energy. Keep away from these and be ready for 2 follow-up swings.
  4. Thrust Assault: One other lightning assault entails Laxasia drawing again and getting ready to thrust. Getting hit will result in a seize and heavy injury, so attempt to block.
  5. Shut Vary Kick: When you get too shut, she’s going to kick out after which thrust. Be prepared to dam each assaults.
  6. Prolonged Combo: When she swings her sword up, it initiates an prolonged combo the place she chases you down, ending with two horizontal swipes. The best option to keep away from that is to dash away to the opposite finish of the sector.
  7. Smash Down Combo: She performs an analogous combo as earlier than, however this time, she smashes downwards, ending with a Fury Assault. Retreating to a secure distance will stop injury.

Proceed to assault each time doable, and think about using the Aegis Legion Arm to assist. Finally, you’ll attain the top of Part 1.

Part 2

In Part 2, Laxasia sheds her armor and intensifies her lightning assaults, making her much more formidable. Right here’s what you might want to be careful for:

  1. Lightning Bolts: Laxasia’s first assault on this part entails leaping into the air and channeling lightning bolts that focus on you. Use Excellent Guards to ship them again at her for injury. She’s going to rush you with a Fury Assault on the finish, so preserve blocking or strive for a Excellent Guard.
  2. Quick-moving Bolt: If she leaps into the air once more, she’s getting ready to throw a fast-moving bolt. Block it to cut back injury or replicate it again at her.
  3. Slash Collection: Be cautious of a collection of slashes; the timing of this transfer is unpredictable as Laxasia teleports a brief distance earlier than every assault.
  4. Protect Bash: When she makes use of her defend to bash, she’ll leap into the air for 2 extra slashes, so be ready.
  5. Guarding: If Laxasia is guarding, keep away from attacking her as this can give her free hits. Again away or take the chance to heal up with a Pulse Cell.
  6. Stagger: When you handle to stagger Laxasia, she received’t go down quietly. She’s going to solely grow to be open to a Deadly Assault after two sword swings and an AoE lightning assault.

Throughout Part 2, it’s essential to assault cautiously and use Fable Arts when Laxasia is distracted. With apply and willpower, you’ll ultimately defeat this difficult boss and earn rewards just like the Unhappy Zealot’s Ergo and loads of Ergo for upgrades.


Defeating Laxasia, The Full, in Lies of P isn’t any small feat, however with the appropriate methods and apply, you’ll be able to emerge victorious. Keep in mind to remain centered, time your guards and assaults rigorously, and benefit from alternatives when Laxasia is weak. Good luck in your journey to overcome this formidable adversary!