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How To Defeat Cazador in Baldur’s Gate 3 A information on Defeating Cazador in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Act 3 unveils a climactic showdown, the place intertwining tales converge, together with Astarion’s, a vampire spawn trapped by Vampire Lord Cazador for hundreds of years. Your probability to help Astarion towards his oppressor arises, aiming to thwart a catastrophic blood ritual with seven thousand sacrifices. As Cazador’s bid for god-like supremacy endangers Baldur’s Gate, it’s as much as you to sort out the daunting activity of defeating this formidable Vampire Lord. With the precise method, victory could be yours. This information unpacks the Cazador boss battle, providing ways for making certain triumph.

Credit – Arlathahn

Approaching Cazador With Astarion

Though the thought of bringing Astarion alongside for a dramatic showdown along with his former grasp may be interesting, bear in mind this: if Astarion is close by whenever you method Cazador, he’ll lose management and assault Cazador, no matter your chosen dialogue choice.

This offers Cazador the opening to contain Astarion within the ritual, incapacitating him through the course of. Moreover, this imposes a three-turn restrict on the battle. As soon as these turns cross, each Astarion and the opposite vampire spawn will disintegrate, all seven thousand and 6 of them.

Consequently, Cazador transforms into the extra highly effective Vampire Ascendant. Ought to Astarion be locked into the ritual, you possibly can free him utilizing the Assist motion to deliver him again into fight, or you possibly can remove any of the spawn, together with Astarion, to stop Cazador’s ascension.

Cazador possesses the Alert function, granting him a big +9 increase to initiative and making certain he can’t be taken unexpectedly. Nevertheless, the creatures accompanying him could be stunning.

Approaching Cazador With out Astarion

For those who converse with Cazador with out Astarion current, he’ll recognise you as somebody who’s been journeying with Astarion. You will have the choice to make a difficult Deception test, promising to deliver Astarion to him. If profitable, he’ll allow you to go. Failing that, fight will provoke as soon as the dialogue concludes.

Cazador’s Traits and Stats

Cazador’s status as a formidable and cruel Vampire Lord is well-earned. He boasts an array of potent spells, options that improve his survivability, and a powerful well being pool of over 200 HP, rivalling the Apostle of Myrkul from Act 2.

Whereas not listed, Cazador can solid high-level spells corresponding to Name Lightning and deploy Misty Escape, which renders him almost untouchable and supplies non permanent Hit factors.

However don’t be discouraged by this intensive listing of traits. There are methods to show his talents towards him.

Cazador’s Companions

Earlier than delving into Cazador’s weaknesses, let’s study the minions supporting him. These allies can generally show extra hazardous than the Vampire Lord himself.

Upon partaking Cazador, these creatures will instantly be a part of the fray.

Understanding Cazador’s comrades is essential, as they are often extra harmful than the Vampire Lord in particular conditions.

Predator Werewolf: Stage 11 Werewolf with resistance to non-magical injury and Multi-Assault when goal is inclined or under 60% HP. Fallen Gur Hunter: Stage 6 Ghast with Nauseous Means Bats: Stage 1 bats are swarm creatures. Chatterteeth: Stage 12 Skeleton spellcaster weak to bludgeoning.

Advisable Techniques

  1. Save Astarion: If he’s a part of the ritual, free him instantly.
  2. Exploit Daylight: Use spells to imitate daylight results, decreasing Cazador’s energy.
  3. Space-of-Impact Assaults: Goal massive teams with spells like Fireball or Sunbeam.
  4. Flip Undead: A cleric can disable Ghasts and doubtlessly Cazador.
  5. Displacement and Knockback: Push enemies off the sting for fast defeat.

Last Showdown

Within the Forgotten Realms, vampires return to their coffins close to dying. Cazador retreats to his sarcophagus, situated conveniently on the ritual grounds. With or with out Astarion, that is the place the final word battle takes place.


Mastering the battle towards Cazador requires strategic planning and exploiting weaknesses. By understanding Cazador’s strengths, companions, and really helpful ways, gamers can guarantee a triumphant victory towards this highly effective Vampire Lord in Baldur’s Gate 3.