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How To Clear Aether Nests in Fashionable Warfare 3 A information on Clearing Aether Nests in Fashionable Warfare 3

Name of Obligation: Fashionable Warfare 3 Zombies (MWZ) makes you confront the zombie-infested lands of Urzikstan. Amidst the chaos, gamers will encounter Aether Nests, marked on the Tac-Map by a definite indicator resembling a puff of fuel or smoke. Efficiently clearing these nests isn’t just a necessity however a pathway to profitable rewards, together with Aether pickups and beneficial loot crates. On this information, we are going to delve into the intricacies of Aether Nest clearance and equip you with the abilities wanted to navigate via the poisonous challenges.

Credit – DotEsports

Understanding Aether Nests

Aether Nests are scattered throughout the MWZ mission space, identifiable via the Tac Map or by recognizing buildings enveloped in a sinister inexperienced fuel. As gamers strategy these nests, they may face not solely an augmented zombie presence but in addition a poisonous fuel that steadily saps their well being except geared up with a fuel masks. Contained in the nest, gamers can uncover Aether pickups, the in-game foreign money essential for acquiring perks and upgrading weapons, together with loot crates that turn out to be accessible after efficiently clearing the nest.

To reinforce survival possibilities, gamers ought to preserve a watch out for fuel masks. These will be found in loot crates surrounding the nest and even inside the nest itself, although visibility could also be compromised because of the pervasive fuel. Whereas navigating the nest with no fuel masks is perilous and inflicts fixed injury, it’s possible for gamers to endure the fuel for just a few seconds, making it essential to adapt and strategize for profitable Aether Nest clearance. Given the recurring must clear nests in Operation Deadbolt missions, mastering this course of turns into paramount for gamers.

Clearing Aether Nests

Clearing Aether Nests is an easy but perilous process. Gamers must determine and goal the brilliant yellow cysts inside the nest, capturing them to obliterate and in the end clear the nest. Nonetheless, warning is paramount, as these cysts will be cunningly hid behind doorways and in tight corners. Equipping a fuel masks turns into advantageous, affording gamers treasured additional seconds within the fuel to pinpoint cyst places.

Amidst the daunting problem, gamers should stay vigilant, because the footsteps of approaching zombies flip practically silent inside the gas-filled nests. Getting overwhelmed by a sudden swarm is a real danger, emphasizing the necessity for cautious maneuvering and strategic planning.

A really helpful technique entails operating exterior the nest to assemble all zombies and eradicate them earlier than specializing in the cysts inside. Destroying two or three cysts, gamers ought to exit the nest, regroup, and eradicate any close by threats. This cyclical sample continues till the ultimate cyst is eradicated, and the fuel dissipates. Every profitable clearance rewards gamers with XP and a max ammo power-up, replenishing ammunition expended throughout the course of.


The journey doesn’t finish with the satisfaction of a cleared nest. Gamers are usually not solely bestowed with XP and ammo but in addition achieve entry to Aether Crates contained in the nest. These crates unlock, revealing an array of loot in various rarities, from new weapons to acquisitions that may be both geared up or extracted for future deployments. The rewards function a testomony to the resilience and ability exhibited throughout the Aether Nest clearance, making every profitable mission a stepping stone to larger in-game achievements.

With the information of nest places, the significance of fuel masks, and efficient clearance methods, gamers can undergo the territories of Urzikstan simply. The rewards awaiting profitable nest clearance add an additional layer of motivation, turning every mission right into a rewarding expertise. So, gear up, embrace the problem, and let the fun of Aether Nest clearance propel you to new heights in MW3 Zombies.