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How To Beat Raphael in Baldur’s gate 3 A information on Beating Raphael in Baldur’s gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is thought for its difficult battles, however none are fairly as formidable because the encounter with Raphael, the Grasp of the Home of Hope. With 666 HP and a legion of minions at his disposal, beating Raphael requires cautious preparation and a strong technique. On this information, we’ll stroll you thru the steps to efficiently defeat Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3, utilizing easy language that even a teen can perceive.

Credit – TheNerdStash

Getting ready for the Battle

Earlier than you face Raphael, it’s important to be sure you’re absolutely ready. Listed here are some essential steps to take:

  1. Free Hope: Your first process is to free Hope, a personality who possesses the spell “Revoke Visitor Standing.” This spell is important for the upcoming battle, because it means that you can take away one enemy (aside from Raphael) from the struggle. You need to use this spell twice, successfully eliminating two foes.
  2. Persuasion Bonuses: To recruit Yurgir, you’ll have to beat a DC30 Persuasion verify. To enhance your possibilities, contemplate including bonuses to your character’s Persuasion talents. Spells like Steerage, Associates, or Improve Capacity might help. You may also use the Envoy’s Amulet to spice up your Persuasion.

Selecting the Proper Harm Varieties

To extend your probabilities of success, it’s important to optimize your injury output and resistances:

  1. Radiant Harm: Take away any tools or talents that deal Radiant injury. This consists of passive talents that set off when an opponent misses an assault on you. If in case you have Clerics or Paladins in your celebration with Radiant injury spells, preserve them in assist roles or guarantee they’ve an alternate supply of injury.
  2. Hearth Resistance: Equip objects, use potions, or solid spells that present resistance to fireplace injury. This may be essential within the battle towards Raphael.

Spells, Magic, and Gear

To additional stack the chances in your favor, contemplate the next:

  1. Counterspell: If in case you have a spellcaster who is aware of Counterspell, put together it to be used within the battle. Counterspell is usually a game-changer towards highly effective enemy spellcasters like Raphael.
  2. Safety from Good and Evil: Pre-cast this spell in your weakest character earlier than coming into the battle. It may present worthwhile safety.
  3. Pressure and Bludgeoning Harm: Equip weapons and spells that deal Pressure or Bludgeoning injury. These injury varieties are notably efficient towards the pillars within the room, which might take in the souls of downed characters and empower Raphael. Solid Loss of life Ward on weaker characters to negate this impact.

Suggestions for Defeating Raphael

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of defeating Raphael:

  1. Concentrate on the Columns: Initially of the battle, focus your assaults on the 4 columns situated within the corners of the room. Destroying these columns weakens Raphael and reduces the general issue of the struggle.
  2. Make the most of Mages and Monks: Raphael’s minions can disarm your staff, making melee and magic-focused heroes much less efficient. Prioritize characters like mages and monks who can preserve their effectiveness regardless of disarming assaults.
  3. Summon Minions: Use any accessible means to summon further minions earlier than and in the course of the struggle. This technique spreads enemy injury throughout your minions and offers you time to destroy the columns whereas preserving your well being.
  4. Well being Regeneration and Protection Boosts: Search out sources of well being regeneration or methods to spice up your defenses. Whereas minion assaults will not be lethal, Raphael’s strikes might be devastating. Fast well being restoration is essential.
  5. Unfold Out: Raphael usually casts area-of-effect (AOE) assaults. To attenuate the injury from these assaults, place your group members as far aside as attainable.
  6. Maintain Monster Spell: If in case you have a Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard in your celebration, think about using a stage 5 Maintain Monster spell on Raphael. If he fails the Knowledge Saving Throw, he’ll change into paralyzed, and all assaults inside 3 meters will deal essential injury to him.


Going through Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3 is undoubtedly a tricky problem, however with cautious preparation and the correct technique, you possibly can emerge victorious. Keep in mind to free Hope and persuade Yurgir for worthwhile allies, select the correct injury varieties, and deal with taking down the pillars. By following the following pointers, you’ll improve your probabilities of beating Raphael and claiming victory on this epic battle.