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How To Beat Mega Garchomp in Pokemon GO A information on Beating Mega Garchomp in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO trainers are regularly challenged by new raid bosses, and the newest addition to the roster is the formidable Mega Garchomp. This information goals to offer an in depth walkthrough of Mega Garchomp’s raid counters, weaknesses, and the potential of acquiring a Shiny Mega Garchomp.

Credit – CharlieIntel

Scheduled for its grand entrance on the upcoming Raid Day occasion on November 11, 2023, Mega Garchomp guarantees an unbelievable problem for trainers desirous to broaden their Pokedex. Victory within the Mega Garchomp raid will reward gamers with the Shiny Mega Garchomp.

Mega Garchomp undergoes a considerable enhance in CP and stats when featured as a Mega raid boss. This twin Dragon and Floor-type Pokemon boasts a formidable transfer pool and a staggering most CP of 6132. Trainers should be ready for a tricky battle, necessitating each meta-knowledge and a sturdy battle roster to beat the challenges posed by Mega Garchomp raids.

Mega Garchomp’s Weaknesses:

Mega Garchomp excels in offense, that includes an attack-centric stat unfold of 339 ATK, 222 DEF, and 239 STA. Its moveset contains Dragon Tail and Outrage, leading to a formidable whole DPS of 21.65. Figuring out weaknesses is essential, as Mega Garchomp is inclined to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy-type strikes, whereas demonstrating resistance in opposition to Electrical, Fireplace, Poison, and Rock-type assaults.

Leveraging the Similar Sort of Assault Bonus (STAB) Impact:

Trainers can optimise injury output by capitalising on the Similar Sort of Assault Bonus (STAB) impact. This happens when a Pokemon’s assault aligns with its innate attribute sort, leading to boosted injury to the raid boss. Utilizing this technique can considerably improve the effectiveness of assaults in opposition to Mega Garchomp.

The Final Raid Roster:

For Mega Garchomp raids, trainers should strategically assemble a roster of highly effective counters that align with the Pokemon’s weaknesses and set off the STAB impact. Listed below are some high Mega Garchomp counters:

  1. Galarian Normal Darmanitan

    • Quick Transfer: Ice Fang
    • Charged Transfer: Avalanche
  2. Shadow Mewtwo

    • Quick Transfer: Psycho Lower
    • Charged Transfer: Ice Beam
  3. Shadow Mamoswine

    • Quick Transfer: Powder Snow
    • Charged Transfer: Avalanche
  4. Shadow Mr. Rime

    • Quick Transfer: Ice Shard
    • Charged Transfer: Triple Axel
  5. Mega Abomasnow

    • Quick Transfer: Powder Snow
    • Charged Transfer: Climate Ball
  6. Shadow Weavile

    • Quick Transfer: Ice Shard
    • Charged Transfer: Avalanche
  7. Mega Rayquaza

    • Quick Transfer: Dragon Tail
    • Charged Transfer: Outrage

With a lineup tailor-made to Mega Garchomp’s weaknesses, a crew of 3-5 expert trainers with high-level Pokemon can efficiently take down the raid boss underneath favorable climate situations.

Strategic Issues

Whereas Shadow Pokemon provide substantial energy, their excessive price and the necessity for particular occasions to take away Frustration with a Cost TM make them much less accessible for a lot of trainers. Subsequently, this information focuses on non-Shadow raid counters for practicality.

Moreover, using mega-evolved Pokemon is strongly really useful, not just for their uncooked energy but in addition for the extra injury output in opposition to Mega Garchomp. Mega-evolving supplies a considerable bonus throughout every kind which might be super-effective in opposition to the formidable raid boss.

Unlocking the Shiny Garchomp 

For trainers searching for the added thrill of a Shiny Mega Garchomp, the trail begins with acquiring a Shiny Garchomp. Whereas the Mega Garchomp raid itself affords an opportunity to come across its Shiny variant, the encounter is just not assured. Trainers should have interaction in a number of Mega raids to extend Garchomp’s spawn price and enhance the percentages of encountering a Shiny Garchomp.

As soon as a Shiny Garchomp is secured, trainers can make investments 200 Mega Vitality to Mega evolve it into the coveted Shiny Mega Garchomp. Further Mega Vitality may be earned by collaborating in a number of raids or finishing each day duties involving Garchomp or its evolutionary line.

By leveraging the STAB impact and assembling a crew of highly effective counters, trainers can confidently face the challenges posed by Mega Garchomp and even unlock the  Shiny Mega Garchomp for his or her Pokedex.