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How To Beat Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring A information on Beating Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring

Within the perilous realm of Elden Ring, the place formidable bosses lurk at each nook, none strike extra concern into the hearts of gamers than Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Regardless of being an optionally available boss, the Elden Ring group typically dubs her essentially the most difficult adversary within the FromSoftware universe. This information goals to unravel the secrets and techniques to overcoming Malenia’s may, guaranteeing that your God-slaying blade prevails.

Credit – EldenRingWiki

Dealing with Malenia requires strategic preparation, as brute pressure alone gained’t safe victory. Contemplate revisiting the battle after leveling up, a tactic generally employed by seasoned Tarnished. Beating Malenia hinges on mastering her moveset and adapting your construct to counteract the lethal Scarlet Rot she wields. Whereas there’s no particular weak point to use, equipping Scarlet Rot prevention gadgets is important. Nevertheless, true success lies in dodging her assaults, particularly the formidable Waterfowl Dance.

Countering Malenia’s Moveset

Malenia’s swift and relentless assaults make her a formidable adversary. Two signature strikes, Waterfowl Dance and Scarlet Aeonia, function each hole closers and sources of immense injury. Along with therapeutic with every strike, some strikes can deplete your well being bar in seconds. To counter these, think about integrating the Bloodhound Step Ash of Conflict and the Flame Cleanse Me Incantation into your construct.

Waterfowl Dance

Waterfowl Dance is Malenia’s dreaded signature transfer, putting concern into even the bravest Tarnished. This fast collection of assaults covers an in depth and seemingly unavoidable distance. Using a excessive Guard Increase protect helps mitigate injury, and strategic motion can decrease the impression. Accomplished_Pie from Reddit suggests an in depth evasion technique:

  1. Stroll left round Malenia’s again as she jumps.
  2. Dodge ahead by the preliminary assault.
  3. Roll backward to create house through the first collection of assaults.
  4. Dodge backward once more when she redirects for the second flurry.
  5. Roll into her closing sweep, guaranteeing ample distance and vulnerability post-attack.

Different Section One Strikes

Understanding further strikes like Leaping Lunge, Impaling Seize, Kick, Uppercut Combo, and Cost Assault is essential for survival. Dodging, blocking, and cautious timing are important to evade or counter these lethal maneuvers.

Section Two Strikes

As Malenia transforms into the Goddess of Rot, new challenges come up. Scarlet Aeonia, Scarlet Rot-Infused Assaults, and Phantom Barrage demand totally different methods. Fast reflexes, exact dodging, and the fitting tools are important to navigate these perilous encounters.

Strategic Approaches

Best Technique: Staggering, Greatshield Ashes, and Bloodhound’s Step

Exploit Malenia’s staggerability in Section One by using colossal weapons. The Bloodhound’s Step Ash of Conflict proves invaluable, permitting gamers to part by her fast moveset effortlessly. Think about using the Greatshield Soldier Ashes for summons to distract Malenia.

Melee Technique

For melee lovers, wielding a colossal Greatsword or choosing a twin Katana construct with Bleed results can show efficient. Make the most of the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of Conflict to navigate by Malenia’s relentless assaults whereas protecting her Posture in verify.

Ranged and Spellcaster Technique

Ranged gamers ought to capitalize on Malenia’s vulnerability in Section One to knock her down utilizing a Greatbow or Hand Ballista. In Section Two, exploit her susceptibility to Frostbite and Bleed with corresponding arrows and spells.


Beating Malenia unlocks customary boss rewards and advances a pivotal questline. The Remembrance of the Rot Goddess provides a alternative between 50,000 Runes, the Hand of Malenia, or the Scarlet Aeonia Incantation. Malenia’s Nice Rune gives a retaliatory Well being restoration impact. Gamers possessing the Unalloyed Gold Needle can subdue the Frenzied Flame and break away from the Age of Chaos ending.

Conquering Malenia requires a mix of talent, technique, and adaptableness. Whether or not you prefer melee, ranged, or spellcasting, understanding her moveset and implementing efficient counters is vital. As your God-slaying journey unfolds, let this information be your beacon, guiding you thru the daunting problem of dealing with Malenia, the Blade of Miquella, and rising victorious in Elden Ring’s treacherous landscapes.