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How To Beat Kell Echo in Future 2’s Prophecy Dungeon A information on Beating Kell Echo in Future 2's Prophecy Dungeon

As Future 2 fanatics enterprise by means of the intricate maze of Prophecy, an exciting encounter awaits them on the climax – a formidable adversary referred to as Kell Echo. This information unveils the methods to overcome the Kell Echo battle, making certain triumph and development within the Prophecy dungeon.

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After surmounting the Dice problem in Prophecy, guardians are effectively previous the midway mark within the dungeon. The journey unfolds as gamers hint the trail of Kell Echo in direction of a construction amidst the barren panorama. This path results in the long-lasting ribbon street sparrow sequence. Upon rising from this part, a battleground emerges, setting the stage for the showdown with Kell Echo.

Unveiling the Foe

On this area, gamers confront the imposing presence of Kell Echo, the Taken Captain that has persistently appeared all through the dungeon. In comparison with the formidable Phalanx Echo, Kell Echo gives a considerably much less punishing contest. Nevertheless, it boasts substantial well being reserves, extending the encounter’s period. To safe victory towards this formidable adversary, Future 2 gamers should assimilate these important techniques.

Optimum Loadout Choice

Because the conflict commences, the arsenal of selection bears important flexibility. Prioritize weaponry geared for substantial boss injury, notably these with spectacular vary. Efficacious choices embody Linear Fusion Rifles like Taipan and Cataclysmic, whereas the precision-dependent Cloudstrike excels. Equipping a guardian with Witherhoard facilitates efficient assist. Past uncooked injury output, prioritize armaments designed for environment friendly add-clearing, particularly at vary, through the injury section.

Decoding the Encounter

On the onset, three apparitions of Kell Echo manifest in distinct corners of the world. Every echo is accompanied by an power pillar, akin to these encountered earlier in Prophecy. Earlier than embarking on any actions, discern the hue of every pillar and talk it to fellow guardians if in a fireteam. Go for both mild or shadow, aligning with the colour of the pillar, whereas warding off the Taken Knights. Collect motes from the fallen knights and promptly deposit them into the pillars.

Swift Execution

Through the graduation of the encounter and the intervals between injury phases, prioritize swiftness in mote deposition. The trio of Kell Echos, in live performance with myriad provides, can simply overwhelm sluggish guardians. Swiftly vanquishing the Taken Ogres that emerge post-mote deposition is facilitated by a Fusion Rifle’s staggering potential. Repeat this course of at every pillar till all Kell Echos are dispelled, heralding the appearance of the injury section.

Optimizing the Injury Section

Earlier than triggering the injury section, conduct a quick sweep for dropped particular and heavy ammo. To provoke the injury section, all individuals assemble atop the central platform inside the area. As soon as united, the squad is transported to an alternate house, besieged by the boss’s onslaught. Immediacy is essential upon arrival – start a relentless barrage towards the adversary.

Managing Threats

Concurrently, neutralize the menacing Taken Hobgoblins to thwart their deadly volleys. Moreover, the boss deploys expansive blight assaults in direction of the room’s sides, demanding vigilance. Succumbing to this assault prompts an inconvenient teleportation to the place to begin. Adhering to proximity with Kell Echo is important; straying from the aura induces a stacking debuff referred to as Darkish Entropy. Accumulating ten stacks leads to rapid demise. Thus, guardians should steadiness injury infliction, evading enemy assaults, and countering the Hobgoblins.

Sustaining Momentum

Stay in shut proximity to the Kell Echo to progressively alleviate Darkish Entropy stacks. Because the injury section concludes with the boss’s motion to the room’s finish, put together to reinitiate it by way of mote deposition. Replicate these phases persistently till the adversary succumbs. In the end, triumphant guardians are rewarded with a treasure trove of loot from the enigmatic 9.


Traversing Future 2’s Prophecy dungeon culminates in a riveting conflict with Kell Echo. Armed with the insights garnered right here, gamers are poised to overcome the battle with finesse. Adapting techniques to take advantage of strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and synchronize actions, guardians can overcome Kell Echo’s problem, rising victorious and enriched by the dungeon’s spoils.