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Finest Melee Weapon in Remnant 2 All one of the best Melee Weapons in Remnant 2 Ranked

Remnant 2 takes gamers on an epic journey by means of a multiverse infested by the Root. Whereas firearms are considerable, the sport additionally presents an array of melee weapons for many who relish the traditional, soulslike fight expertise. On this complete information, we’ll discover the highest melee weapons in Remnant 2, rating them by their distinctive attributes and effectiveness in battle. Whether or not you’re a seasoned warrior or a newcomer seeking to improve your preventing abilities, this tier checklist will enable you wield the right melee weapon.

Credit – TheOuterhaven
  1. Royal Broadsword (Rank: 10) The Royal Broadsword is a large greatsword with a strong harm output of 102 factors, although it lacks native Mods. Whereas it may be personalized to fit your preferences, it doesn’t stand out remarkably from different choices within the recreation.
  2. Atom Smasher (Rank: 9) For gamers preferring wielding hulking Warhammers, the Atom Smasher is a dream come true. Boasting a powerful 72 harm output and an 11% stagger modifier, this weapon delivers satisfying blows. Moreover, the Atom Smasher’s Accelerator mode will increase the velocity of all Melee Assaults by 10% for five seconds after a charged melee assault.
  3. Stonebreaker (Rank: 8) With an amazing harm output of 103 factors, the Stonebreaker is a wonderful melee weapon alternative. When charged, it unleashes shockwaves, dealing 115 harm to enemies within the surrounding space. Easy but efficient, this weapon is especially potent for melee-focused characters.
  4. Gasoline Large (Rank: 7) The Gasoline Large, a formidable hammer, combines brutality with the Dying Breath mod. This mod grants a +25% harm enhance in opposition to enemies with the Bleeding standing and one other +25% when attacking enemies from behind. Furthermore, Cost Assaults inflict 200 Bleeding harm over 10 seconds, complementing its already wonderful 74 harm output.
  5. Krell Axe (Rank: 6) Among the many most versatile melee weapons in Remnant 2, the Krell Axe is each throwable and melee-capable. It permits gamers to retrieve the axe if they’ve ample stamina accessible. Moreover, every hit applies the Overloaded standing and inflicts 50 Shock harm each 5 seconds for 10 seconds.
  6. Pink Doe Workers (Rank: 5) The Pink Doe Workers excels as a melee weapon with a decent 62 harm output. Its invaluable weapon mod, Lifeline, triggers after dealing 250 harm. It summons the spirit of a Pink Doe, dealing 160 harm to enemies and therapeutic allies by 10% Well being.
  7. Labyrinth Workers (Rank: 4) Whereas missing a particular mod, the Labyrinth Workers is good for restoring additional mod energy by means of landed hits. Its charged assault releases an area-of-effect shockwave, producing much more mod energy for the wielder.
  8. Atom Splitter (Rank: 3) The Atom Splitter is a sword variant of the top-ranked weapon on our checklist. With an unimaginable 100 harm output, this blade releases charged particles that deal 150 harm to targets inside a 20-meter vary. Charged Impartial Evade Assaults amplify the vary of impact by 3x and harm by 25%.
  9. Dreamcatcher (Rank: 2) The Dreamcatcher longsword is famend for its distinctive utility. Its Dreamwave mod emits damaging vitality waves that sluggish enemies whereas concurrently boosting the wielder’s harm and velocity. This weapon permits gamers to tear by means of enemy teams with ease whereas rising stronger with every strike.
  10. Spectral Blade (Rank: 1) Claiming the highest spot on our tier checklist is the Spectral Blade, a high-tech sword that materializes an infinitely sharp edge utilizing a laser – just like a lightsaber. The Spectral Blade is supplied with the Whirlwind mod, making a barrage of slashes that deal 75 harm to all enemies inside an 8-meter radius. It excels in crowd management, making it significantly efficient in opposition to low-tier enemies.


In Remnant 2, mastering hand-to-hand fight with the suitable melee weapon may be the important thing to survival. From the Royal Broadsword to the Spectral Blade, every weapon on our tier checklist brings its distinctive strengths and playstyles to the battlefield. Whether or not you like crushing foes with an enormous Warhammer or slicing by means of enemies with a high-tech laser sword, one of the best melee weapons in Remnant 2 cater to each warrior’s preferences. Equip your self with considered one of these mighty weapons and enterprise forth to beat the Root infestation throughout the multiverse.